There are many home-staging consultants in business and for good reason: staged homes sell faster. Why? Successful home staging enables a buyer to see themselves in your home, and not how you’re currently occupying it.  Consider a qualified home staging company especially for vacant properties or unfurnished rooms.

Follow these simple staging tips and you are certain to see a better result:

1.   Clean and Maintain the frontyard landscaping.
2.   Clean the windows.
3.   Replace burned out light bulbs.
4.   Open all the blinds.
5.   Forget using heavy scented plug-in air fresheners.
6.   Declutter.
7.   Clean and Keep all rooms clean.
8.   Make sure the basement is well lit and dry.
9.   Too much furniture? Declutter
10. Closets. Declutter and Remove out of season items!